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Painting the inside of your home is one of the best ways to increase its value in Irving, TX. Many individuals believe that creating an image is easy, but as they get halfway through, they realize that they should be utilizing the right tools, or else they’re going to make even more of a mess. One of the best investments can be to have the interior of the house painted by a painting service company like Interior Painting and Remodeling Service by Elias. Because they possess the necessary tools and training, our seasoned interior painter can deliver superior service and outcomes.


What We Have To Offer

Cabinet Painting Service

Cabinet Painting Service

We revitalize your home as a whole! Our eco-friendly cabinet painting service is available to the residents and company owners.
Sheetrock and Drywall

Sheetrock and Drywall

You most likely pay closer attention to plasterboard issues in your house once they arise. The outcomes of plasterboard repairs differ for homeowners. Despite seeming simple, installing seamless, smooth plasterboard involves a number of steps and methods.
Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

Our company understands how important a tidy workspace is to employee productivity as well as creating a positive first impression on clients and visitors. For this reason, we provide the best cleaning solutions.
Interior and Exterior Painting Service

Interior and Exterior Painting Service

A fresh coat of paint, a living room remodel, or a new color scheme can make a big difference to the inside and outside of your home! Kindly refrain from causing a disturbance that persists for several days or weeks as you finish the assignment or wait for someone else to finish it.
Fence Painting Service

Fence Painting Service

If you're building a fence for your residence or place of business, you'll need the greatest fence painting service! Selecting a fence that appears as though it will collapse under a strong blast of wind would be a poor decision.

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Client Testimonials

What they`re Saying About Interior Painting and Remodeling Service by Elias`s Work

Incredibly Helpful

Crew did a great job painting over our stucco on a 60"s bungalow. Consistent quality on all 3 sides, detailed prep work eliminated over-spray and left everything very tidy when finished. Would strongly recommend them.  If you are fetching a painting service company that is professional, reasonable, polite and does excellent work, you have found them!

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Painting Contractor

Our Service Pros

Prior to beginning the interior painting project in your home, our skilled and reasonably priced house painters will take the necessary time to cover any furniture and flooring in the area that needs painting. Our professional painter will meticulously clean the area and remove any loose paint with sandpaper before starting to prepare the exterior of your property for painting. 

How We Function

Your home’s inside should be painted with expert quality. Your property needs a competent, professional painting service, whether you’re rebuilding your entire house or just adding a new accent wall with a premium house exterior painting finish. Our interior painting service significantly increases the impact and appeal of your property overall by providing smooth, precise, and effective interior painting work.

Our Service Areas

Is it still important for us to offer those who don’t reside near our high-quality painting services? Our aim is to have as many clients as we can. Furthermore, we operate in multiple locations:

Highland Park Town TX;
Highland Village TX;
Addison Town TX;
Glenn Heights TX;
Lewisville TX;

Our skilled interior painter will turn your house into a work of beauty. Call Interior Painting and Remodeling Service by Elias at (972) 634-1502 right now to set up an appointment for your interior painting estimate in Irving, TX.

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